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Hey everyone and welcome to my Barking Genius website! I have a passion for all animals, particularly dogs, since I was a young kid. Growing up, my family has had many animals; from guinea pigs to cats and to, of course, dogs. Even my cousins are dog-crazy, having at least 4 dogs at the same time.

A Small Story Of My Life Surrounded By Dogs

Let me take you back to when I was the age 7. My family had taken us on a small visit to my cousin’s in a small seaside town in England. While on a walk with my auntie and her 4 dogs, we approached the end of the pavement, ready to cross the road. My auntie, in a very stern voice, instructed, “SIT!” All the dogs sat, including my 7-year-old self. Imagine seeing 4 well-trained dogs and a boy sitting at the edge of the road! My family occasionally remind me of this and have a great laugh of it till this day.

I’ll fast-forward to my late teens: after bouncing around a few jobs I had little to no interest in, I decided to try to create something that I was interested; in that being dogs. So I started a dog walking business. I had no idea how to run or even start a business but I knew dogs and I knew they liked me. With 5 years of hard work, I have created a business that is a full-time job that I love.

Walking and sitting for customers’ dogs have been amazing. The cold, rainy winter walks can be tough and although the warm sunny walks more than make up for it, how can I complain when I spend all year giving enjoyment to all of my dogs. Giving my clients the comfort that their dogs will be well looked after and enjoy every second of their walks is an amazing feeling.

From Helping Clients to Helping Everyone

Being a dog walker, I meet a lot of other owners daily. Some are incredibly knowledgeable and others are just starting their journey with a brand new puppy. When meeting owners, I often get questions like “What is the best lead to buy?” or “What harness is best for large dogs?” I have gained a lot of information doing my job and regularly checking out new products or gadgets to improve my dog, Lilly’s life and enjoyment.

I would love to be able to help more owners and even potential owners create more exciting and fun lives for our best companions. Also, there can be a lot of harmful food or insects that owners must be aware of and the best course of action to take if you find yourself in an alarming situation.

Barking Genius Is Here For You

This website will not only be a great source of information to create the best lives for your dogs, but also an easier life for yourself. Owning a dog can be extremely stressful at times and having the right gadgets and equipment can be an amazing help.

If Barking Genius helps a couple of owners make the right decision to empower themselves or keep their dog more safe and happy, that’s all I can ask for.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



I'm a professional dog walker and enthusiast. I have been surrounded by pets my whole life and would love to share the knowledge I have gained. I'm the owner of a golden and white working Cocker Spaniel called Lilly and she accompanies me on almost all my walks.

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